Monday, 18 April 2016

Day 1. Life Begins at Home #7daysofaction

#7daysofaction is a campaign, led by Mark Neary , a long time campaigner who had to fight for his son Steven to come back home from an ATU, and families of people that are stuck in ATUs right now.

We want to support #7daysofaction in highlighting the real experiences and injustice that people face every day when being placed in services away from their loved ones, often in services that do nothing to help and that sometimes make things worse.  We want to support by offering independent advice and information for people that need housing and support with/close to family and home.

We know what it looks like and what needs to be put in place to support people well with their families and in their communities, yet still today, despite all the scandals and publicity, we see Eden Norris fed through a hatch in an ATU where he doesn't need to be and shouldn't be. We offered help to his council who are supposed to be bringing Eden back to his community by finding a housing provider who would buy something for Eden close to his family and a care provider that already works with the council and has a good track record in supporting people when they come out of ATUs. Despite offering this, the council brushed us off in the same way they have done with the family. We halted the process of putting housing and support in place because the family were warned not to make this public and were fearful about what would happen if they did. This is scandalous and needs to be stopped.

Life Begins at Home 

We were funded to write a guide about housing for families of children who are at risk of being placed away from their families and thought that today was a good day to launch it.  Life Begins at Home has all the information that families and housing, health and social care professionals need to make housing solutions work for them and to understand what needs to happen locally to keep children with their families.

You can download the guides here

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