Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Help us create Learning Disability England!

Housing & Support Alliance is working with the self-advocacy group People First England to create a new membership organisation, Learning Disability England.

Learning Disability England will bring together three groups: people with learning disabilities, family members and friends, and organisations. We will work on the things that matter to all of us.

We  want  to  create  Learning  Disability  England  because, in the words of self-advocate Gary Bourlet, ‘life for people with learning disabilities in England is not good at the moment’.

Currently  the  voice of  people  with  learning disabilities,  family  members  and  organisations  is  fragmented.  We need to link up all the good work that’s happening across the country and create a voice that’s so powerful it cannot be ignored.

You can read Gary Bourlet’s thoughts on why we’re creating Learning Disability England here.

We’re currently in the middle of a consultation where we’re asking as many people as possible what they want Learning Disability England to be like.

We’ve already got feedback from over 300 people.  

The consultation will close at the end of March so there’s just one month left to tell us what you think!

If you’re a person with a learning disability, a family member or friend of someone with a learning disability, or someone who works for an organisation that works with people with learning disabilities then we want to talk to you!

You can take part in the consultation by completing an online survey that only takes five minutes. There are three different surveys and you can fill out whichever apply to you.

The survey for people with learning disabilities is here.

The survey for families and friends is here.

The survey for organisations is here.

If you’d prefer, you can also take part in the consultation over the phone. You can call Annie on 07780 707 577 or email her to arrange a time to speak – annie.tidbury@housingandsupport.org.uk.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to shape this exciting new organisation! 

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