Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Learning Disability England Vision & Mission

On October 13th people with learning disabilities, families and organisations came together to talk about building a new membership organisation, Learning Disability England; an organisation that we think could create real change for people with learning disabilities and their families. You can read more about that day here.

One of the things we did on October 13th was think about what the vision and mission of Learning Disability England could be.

A vision is where an organisation wants to get to in the future. 

A mission is what an organisation exists to do. 

We took all of the ideas that we came up with and drafted a vision and mission. We then went back to everyone who came on October 13th to ask them what they thought. We did this twice and now we’re excited to say that we have the final vision and mission! Here they are:

Our vision is a world in which people with learning disabilities and their families are respected, valued, and live full and equal lives.

 Learning Disability England’s mission is to:
  • Bring together the power of people with learning disabilities, their families and organisations. 
  • Campaign on the things that matter to us and create change. 
  • Make sure that people with learning disabilities and their families are heard; in the media, in politics and in our communities. 
  • Be led by people with learning disabilities in partnership with families, supporters and allies. 
  • Provide advice and support to members.

We’re really happy with this vision and mission and we hope you like it too. We like it because it’s simple, accessible and most importantly of all we like it because it was written by people with learning disabilities, families and organisations all working together.

The next stage of creating Learning Disability England is the consultation. We’re going to be starting the consultation process this week and we’re going to be speaking to lots of different people about our ideas for Learning Disability England. The consultation will close in March and by then we hope to know just exactly what people want from the new organisation and how they want it to work for them.

If you want to be involved in the consultation or if you have any questions about Learning Disability England, get in touch with Annie at

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